Wi-Thing Access Point


The most innovative solution for the creation of YOUR WiFi service for YOUR customers

Wi-Thing was developed specifically for the creation of small WiFi areas, so it is the ideal solution for bars, restaurants, waiting rooms and clubs.

Connect the Wi-Thing access point to your router and the WiFi starts working immediately.

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SKU: WT100S.

Product Description

Wi-Thing combines the budget requirements of a small hot spot with all the features normally found in large WiFi networks.

  • Fully self-installing system
  • Access via ALL the Social Networks
  • Personalisation of the captive portal
  • Customization of the page to which your users are directed [VIDEO]
  • You can add your Social Network plug-ins
  • You can give your guests coupons, even deciding when and how to issue them
  • You can customize the SSID name of the WiFi network
  • Detailed statistical analysis platform
  • Issuing of coupons according to time and date, in alphanumeric format, Barcode or QR-Code
  • Fixing of the maximum number of hours available in order to avoid abuse of the service
  • No recurring cost for the service