The most innovative solution for the creation of YOUR WiFi service for YOUR customers, SPECIAL OFFER



Who is it for?

wi-fi-targetWiThing was developed specifically for the creation of small WiFi areas, so it is the ideal solution for bars, restaurants, waiting rooms and clubs.



WiThing is the social WiFi par excellence and users can access it instantly, speedily and securely through their favourite social network:


The system adapts automatically to any kind of device and works with any operating system.

How does it work?

Nothing could be easier! Connect the WiThing access point to your router and the WiFi starts working immediately.

Well ok, a few minutes are needed for set up from a remote location  :)

No registration is required – the system really is plug&play.

plug and play!

And if you are keen on technology, we have just the thing for you – go to Customization!!!


This is the best part! Wouldn’t you like your WiFi system to be really yours?
WiThing places at your disposal an innovative web platform from which you can personalise your WiFi in a matter of minutes, and modify as and when you please.
Sound complicated? Not in the least!!!
The portal works on the drag& drop principle and you’ll be surprised at just how simple it is.

customization captive portal and landing page


Through the web platform you can assess all your WiFi usage statistics in a sophisticated manner (active users, connections, downloads, etc.).

You can monitor all kinds of information and use it for promotional and marketing purposes.

Why is it different?

wi-thing-logo_wWiThing is different because it combines the budget requirements of a small hot spot with all the features normally found in large WiFi networks.

Have a look at this list. Then make your decision:


Fully self-installing system

Access via ALL the Social Networks

Personalisation of the captive portal

Customization of the page to which your users are directed

You can add your Social Network plug-ins

You can customize the SSID name of the WiFi network

Detailed statistical analysis platform

Fixing of the maximum number of hours available in order to avoid abuse of the service